I have always loved photography, a passion inherited from my Mum who has documented our whole lives; our early childhood seemed to be made up of snow days, sunshine and dressing up fun!

I remember having, and losing, my first camera when I was about 7 years old. And the absolute thrill when I found it again a year later, in the field where we were walking the dog! The uncontainable excitement of getting the film developed, and the anticipation of waiting for those memories that you had forgotten you had taken.

My shelves are full of photobooks and albums which I love looking back on and reliving those unique moments in time.

I delight in capturing small details and moments for those around me. My friends think of me as their resident photographic story teller, as I’ve documented their children’s lives from birth!

This passion turned into family photography several years ago, and I have now branched out into the personal and business branding photography arena; combining my photography skills and marketing experience to help those with small businesses in Surrey.

I absolutely love bringing people's stories to life and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to do that for your business!

Claire x