How to have a brand photoshoot for your brilliant business, when you hate having your photo taken!

By Claire with the Camera

Claire Wormley Photography, Brand Photographer Surrey

Do you hate having your photo taken? You are not alone! As a small business brand photographer in Surrey, this is one of the first things so many clients say to me (and something I very much used think as well!). But as we all know, when you run your own small business, you have to get out of your own way sometimes, to allow it to grow and flourish.

And having your photo taken is one of these times!

But don’t worry, I will hold your hand on this journey.

I love the transformation that people undergo as we move through the shoot planning process, which takes them from that initial statement of fear and anxiety, to feeling excited about the shoot, to having fun and really enjoying the shoot day itself.

Just like Jo and Louise both did.

Be like Jo and Louise

Let me introduce you to Jo and Louise, who both started their first enquiry call into having a brand photoshoot with me, with the words ‘I HATE having my photo taken’.

In fact, they were both pretty emphatic on this point.

They both had issues at their weddings; Jo hates all of her wedding photos, and Louise didn’t even have a photographer at hers! So this was a pretty entrenched thought.

However, as small business owners, both Jo and Louise knew that they wanted their websites and social media channels to reflect them, their business and how they help others.

They needed updated, professional photos to enable them reach and connect with more people and grow their business, so they were ready to step out of their comfort zones and arrange a brand photoshoot.

“I cannot put into words how helpful Claire has been throughout this process. I have a long old back story with my dislike for having my photo taken, and worries that I wouldn't like the end result. However, I didn't need to be concerned, as the photos Claire got were better than I could ever have imagined! I am so proud to be putting them on my new website.”

Mindset and Transformation Coach Jo Jo from @masteringmumsmind is a Mindset and Transformation Coach, who went from hating having her photo taken, to feeling happy and confident throughout the shoot, to loving it so much, she didn’t want it to end!

After booking her brand photoshoot with me, we held our planning call, during which Jo’s eyes came alight with all the ideas, and realisation of what photos she could get from the shoot and how she could use them in her Facebook and Membership groups, to help create connection with her audience.

Jo was also busy mapping out a brand new website and together with her Facebook support work, she needed lots of varied storytelling photos to bring her brand and business to life.

“From the outset, Claire was so interested in knowing about me and my business and really wanted to help me capture my business values and passion, and how I wanted my website to look. She had so many amazing ideas that we covered during the planning session, that really helped me achieve what I wanted from the photoshoot. I felt I had so much clarity on the day, which helped massively with my confidence. We kept in contact during the planning phase with ideas flowing back and forth, so by the time the shoot day came, we had all the themes, shots and locations mapped out.”

With all the plans in place, we eeked out every last drop of the 3-hour shoot, and Jo (who hates having her photo taken) was laughing, smiling and literally jumping for joy throughout the morning! We had a fabulous fun day in an incredible location, which Jo had secured through friends. And she messaged the next day to say “I loved it so much, can we do it all again!”

Jo has ended up with a bumper gallery of over 100 photos from her 3-hour small business brand shoot which include profile photos, cover/banner photos, website hero shots, social media story-telling photos across various themes, Facebook and Instagram profile photos, and prop shots which give her flexibility when creating social media content.

“I can't recommend Claire enough; she is so lovely to work with and instantly puts you at ease. Thank you Claire. I don't think I have ever looked through photos of myself without finding something wrong in every one of them, but I literally love the ones you have taken!”

Fundraising Coach and Consultant Louise

Fundraising Coach and Consultant Louise, went from hating having her photo taken (she wouldn’t even have a photographer at her wedding), to LOVING the shoot and her gallery!

Louise had just one profile photo that was taken several years ago, and she felt it looked very corporate and didn’t show her as the approachable, knowledgeable person she is.

By her own admission, Louise is not a visual, creative person, so during the planning session, I helped to unlock what she needed to refresh her website and make it much more personal, what thoughts and feelings she wanted people to have when they saw the photos, and what her business brand and values are.

As part of the planning for the brand photography session, I helped Louise to come up with ideas for the locations that would work well, what to wear and what props and accessories to include. Louise also invited a friend, so we could take some photos to show the great connections she creates with her clients.

Louise does a variety of work including 121s, group training (online and in person) and coaching, so we mapped out the 3-hour brand photography session, into the various themes that Louise needed photos to showcase.

As always, the 3 hours flew by and Louise spent most of it laughing! We also knew exactly what we needed to get, so could really focus on working through the shot list.

“Thank you so much for today, you turned something that something that could have been really difficult for me, into something really enjoyable so thank you so much.
The photos I saw looked really amazing and I’m really shocked, as I really don’t like having my photo taken! I’m really excited about having them on my website.”

The same week, I sent Louise the link to her online gallery where she could download all 100 photos taken at her brand photography session in Goldaming, Surrey. These included photos for her LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, banner and cover photos with space around the for text, hero shots for the various sections on her websites, ones with clients, working at her desk, holding training over zoom and some photos holding a chalkboard, perfect for adding captions in Canva.

“The photos look really AMAZING Claire. Great variety and so many uses for social media - my VA will be thrilled when she realises we've finally got these to use!
They feel so me and definitely the brand that I want Summit to be.
Thank you so much Claire, you've done so well.”

It’s all about you!

For me, the most important thing about every small business brand photoshoot is that YOU end up with a gallery of PHOTOS THAT HELP YOU CONNECT WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENT, so you can GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 💫 And to get to that place, I take you through a process to draw out what you love, your personality, what makes your business special and what a difference your business brings to others. 💫 I want you to feel COMFORTABLE and to ENJOY the shoot, as that will show through in the photos themselves. 💫 I encourage you to think about WHY you need the photos, and WHAT you are going to do with them, so you are EXCITED to have them, and you can quieten down those pesky mind monkeys! 💫 For me, it’s not about ‘perfect’ photos, it’s about photos that are PERFECTLY YOU 😊

What next

Want to be like Jo and Louise and help your brilliant business to connect and engage to get more clients? Follow this link, to book a no pressure Enquiry Call and take one step closer!

Claire with the 📸 x

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